What to do when you have too many plugins

The easy availability of plugins makes it easy and tempting to ‘collect’ plugins – resulting in a plugin folder with many different compressors, reverbs, EQs, delays and other effects (not to mention synths!). This can actually slow down the mixing procesess because of a perceived need to try out all the different options.

Rather than collecting plugins, a better approach might be to choose one plugin for each category or processor – one compressor, one reverb, one EQ, one delay etc. Be sure to choose a plugin that is reasonably multi-talented – a general all-rounder. Use it for a few projects. Get to know it – really get to know it. Through this process you’ll get to know your own taste in processors. You’ll get to know the full range of each processor, and you’ll know where you’re pushing the device to its limits. By this stage you’ll understand your requirements.

At this point when you start looking for another plugin to compliment your existing set, you’ll know precicely what you’re looking for. If it’s a compressor, you’ll know if you need something smoother or something more agressive. If it’s an EQ, you’ll know if you need something more flexible or something with more vibe. Same for reverbs, delays and other effects.


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