Four songs published

Two projects I’ve been working on have finally started to come to fruition.


Windy Winds

Jarek is a rock band without a vocalist. With four guitars, a keyboardist and a drummer with only a kick and a tambourine, Jarek play a kind of atmospheric instrumental rock that shifts between evocative samples with ambient melodies and rocking out with heavy riffing. Their Myspace page is here.

The band came to me having recorded an album’s worth of material at another studio. I mixed and mastered this single, and am negotiating to mix and master the rest of the album.

Erin Shay

1. Falling In Love

2. One More Last Kiss

3. Temporary Love

Erin Shay is a pop singerand songwriter. While her voice and melodies have a reassuring (and impressive) familiarity, she has an characteristic approach to composition – particularly harmony and tonality. Her Myspace page is here.

Erin came to me having written a collection of songs, but in need of a producer – as a third party to advise on songwriting and composition, and to guide the recording and mixing process. The drums were recorded at Debasement.


  1. wow Kim! Just…wow!! Really well done. Great work! Congrats :)


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