Gaining motivation

There are two seeds to successful and prolific work – creativity and work ethic. Work ethic dictates how you apply yourself to your work and consists of a number of factors, including motivation.

Motivation itself is ‘desire that causes action’. It is not mere desire alone. It is not simply ‘wanting’ to do something. It is a kind of ‘wanting’ that causes action – a kind of ‘wanting’ that that makes you do things.

So what does it mean when someone wants to do something but isn’t motivated?

To me, that implies there is a root desire, but somehow the action is not happening. To transform mere desire into motivation, there are two simultaneous strategies that must be taken –

  1. Address the things that inhibit action. These are the things that get in the way. They can be psychological, such as a fear of failure or a tendency to be intimidated by large tasks. They might also be physical – such as not having the right equipment available on hand or not having sufficient time. Addressing these things might involve facing your fears (Just do it! Or start small!) or rearranging your lifestyle to accommodate.
  2. Address the things that encourage action. These are the things that enable and improve the action. They might be psychological, such as the good feeling of having finished a project or the good feeling of positive feedback. They might also be physical – such as having a dedicated space and time for working. It’s important to keep reminding yourself of the good feelings that you get from working. Likewise, it’s important to keep the work space/time sacred and uncluttered from other distractions.

Some more studio-specific tips can be found here.


  1. Excellent! This is an important topic. Thanks for covering it :)


  2. Goes well beyond music production, as well. :)

    Well said.

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