Suicide Songs (plus bonus album) now free

Just a quick note to say that last year’s album Suicide Songs is now available for free. I’ve also released a bonus album of new songs and additional versions.

A whole album as a bonus?

Suicide Songs was a project that took over three years – including writing, recording and post-production. I wrote 25 songs, recorded 15 of those, and chose ten of those to be ‘remade’. These remakes were not mere remixes – they were complete re-imaginings of the original songs – often with very different tempo, instrumentation and vibe. Of the 25 recorded songs (15 originals + 10 remakes), 12 were chosen to form the final album. The remaining 13 lived in hiding for the last 12 months. Only now do they see the light of day.

Suicide Songs has been available for purchase since February 2009. Since then, I’ve moved on – choosing to work on new projects rather than promote it. As a result, sales have been low. This is a new year, and one of my tasks for the start of this year has been to ‘retire’ Suicide Songs – to finally put it to rest (so to speak). This project is the past, and it is dead to me. Rather than take it offline, I’m putting it up on my website for free.

Grab it here:


    • mats
    • March 18th, 2010

    would be nice if you put it up for streaming on soundcloud or something similar!

    just a little tip there. i’d check it out although i don’t even know what genre but i’m at work and i don’
    t want to download stuff here if i can avoid it.

    also, most free dls i do download is, i’m sad to say, deleted after about 5 minutes and that unpacking and cleaning up in both playlists and on the harddrive is actually most often what makes me refrain from checking something out if it’s a download.

    very nice blog you’ve got goin here! : D

  1. True. It might not be your cup of tea, but at the moment there’s no way of knowing without downloading the whole package. I’ll be revamping my website soon (and probably this blog too), so I’ll make a note to include on-page streaming versions of the songs.


    • 7point62
    • April 3rd, 2010

    I liked Suicide Songs enough to buy it – it wasn’t what I was expecting from Kim, (I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting…) but it had a unique vibe. I know a lot of people get vexed when they buy something and it later goes out for free, but to me if something’s worth paying for then why bother waiting in the hopes of a freebie?

    I’ll certainly look forward to having a nosey through the additional 13 tracks.

    Hoping this finds you well,


  2. The whole album is now streaming on bandcamp:

    You can listen to every song, and pick and choose what you want to download. Or just download the whole lot!


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