Who wants my feedback on their song?

Hey hey.

This year I’m relaunching the Kitchen. It’s basically the same service as before, but now the price and results are a bit clearer. You can read about the details here:


To promote the Kitchen, I’ll be giving away ten free consultations to ten people (each consultation is a third of what you’d get for $50). That means ten people will receive my analysis and guidance for one of their songs.

The track and my written response will be posted here in public – one per month for 2011. I can keep you anonymous or provide a link to your website, it’s up to you. Obviously, paid consultations will be conducted in private.

If you’re interested, simply send me an email to [kitchen at kimlajoie dot com]. There are only ten places available, and they’ll be given to the first people to email!


  1. does a blog reply count?

  2. @Rich
    Nope. Shoot me an email.


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