Interview with me on The Home Recording Show

For anyone who thinks my Aussie accent is funny, listen to me talking about music production here:

The interview starts at about 15 minutes in, and goes for about an hour.


  1. WOW – Would not have thought you had such a strong Aussie accent. Great interview and thanks once again for this great site…

  2. @Marc Lapointe
    I know what you mean – It’s always a bit surprising to hear the actual speaking voice of someone after reading their writing.

    Glad you liked the interview.


  3. I’m a new follower of your blog as a direct result of that interview. Much of what you said resonated deeply with me (as though I might have said it myself with a little more experience and thought).

    And please, ignore those calling for more gear talk.

  4. @Georg Nikodym
    Hi Georg, welcome! Hope you find this blog useful.

    I’m not going to ignore the people calling for more gear talk. I think it’s important to strike a balance – gear is certainly important, but it’s just as important to know about all the non-gear stuff too.


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