Another interview

My old friend Mr Tunes interviewed me for his podcast ‘Wobble Tech’.

I talk a bit about project workflow, collaboration and producing artists. I also get strong-armed into talking about some of my mix plugins too.

Mr Tunes also plays a prerelease single for one of my upcoming projects and I talk a bit about the project team.

Check it out here:

I come in at about 7 minutes.


  1. LOL i had no idea you like to avoid the topic so much! Thanks for stopping by the show.

  2. @Mr. Tunes
    Well, I think the tools we use are a matter of personal taste. Every DAW comes with a decent EQ and compressor. Reverbs that don’t suck are now readily available for low cost. That’s enough for a reasonable mix! If you want to use different tools, it’s because you have different taste in sound and workflow.

    I’m much more interested in project management (producing) – how a project comes together and how the different creative elements combine to form a unique musical expression. That’s what I’m really interested – MUSIC! The tools are just a way to get there.

    If you went on a trip to the beach on a long weekend, I’m interested in where you went and what you did. Not the band of tyres on your car. ;-)


    • Nox
    • May 1st, 2011

    Nice interview! Would like to hear you come on again and talk about the projects and how they come together and such! Interesting info though.

  3. @Nox
    It’s a good idea, and I would like to share a bit more detail about my current projects. I’m just not sure what the best way to do it is.

    Any ideas?


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