My blog has moved!

Ok, I’ve finally done it. I’m closing my blog here on and continuing it on my own website:

New directions

I’m going to keep writing about technique and maintaining the blog as a reference for composition, production and engineering tips. I’ll also be writing a bit more about my own projects and experiences. Hopefully this will illustrate some of the more practical aspects of the techniques I write about. There might also be some surprise goodies coming in the future.

What you have to do

You’ll have to resubscribe. Sorry.

Email subscribers: I can’t take all your email addresses and sign you up for something new. Not allowed.

RSS subscribers: I can’t reach into your reader and reconfigure it. I can only perform miracles on sound.

Fortunately it’s pretty easy to resubscribe. Head over the the new blog site and check the right-hand side. If you like email, use the ‘Subscribe by email’ section. If RSS is more your style, check out the ‘RSS feeds’ section just below. It’s pretty easy.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over there!

Also, there’s a new blog post about why I bought a new iMac and installed Windows on it.



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